Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan

by Corona Barathri & Emme Ya



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PROMO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1ph9WYCXuQ

Review by ConcreteWeb (Belgium): concreteweb.be/reviews/corona-barathri-emme-ya

The Inner Sanctum #5: Corona Barathri & Emme Ya (review by Joseph Mlodik, USA): www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojoKjpg4Q4I

Indy Metal Vault (Review): www.indymetalvault.com/2018/08/23/album-review-corona-barathri-emme-ya-misterium-evigilationis-leviathan/

Melek HaTehom (promo video): www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsn8aBcY2Q8

Lux Arenea Web Zine (Spain): luxatenea.com/2019/07/31/corona-barathri-emme-ya-misterium-evigilationis-leviathan-resena-review

Corona Barathri & Emme Ya - Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan


I. Corona Barathri - Gvia haRaal (feat. Emme Ya)
II. Corona Barathri - Melek haTehom [LWYTN - MLK HTHWM] (feat. Ayzen Kaoz)
III. Corona Barathri - Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan (feat. Ayzen Kaoz)
IV. Corona Barathri - Nahash Kadom [SMAL - NHS KDWM]
V. Emme Ya - O Tehom, Ars Leviathan
VI. Emme Ya - Theli Ipakol Theli Marag
VII. Emme Ya - Vxit Nugal Loriol (feat. Corona Barathri)

A new opus of the occult project Corona Barathri recorded together with Edgar Kerval [Colombia, Emme Ya], dedicated to the aspect of Principivm/Leviathan.
Chalice Of Venom [Forbidden Gnosis] is the killing of the human by participle, the awakening of the Evil Principle.
Leviathan - The King of the Abyss.
The Mystery of Leviathan's Awakening.
Samael - Ancient Serpent.

"Serpent Awakened, Serpent Primal!
Arise from the Womb of Darkness!
Awake in the black whirlpool!
Awake from the primeval waters of the Abyss,
Wake up from a long sleep,
Show your deadly face,
Swing your powerful tail,
Unroll your bottomless throat,
Absorb the sun, and forever extinguish his light!
Turn the world into Darkness,
Immerse him in the Eternal Darkness,
From the depths of the Abyss,
From the depths of Darkness,
Awake, arise, rule".

Review by Neptune Abyss (Canada).

"Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan" is a sacred chalice of venomous elixir to awaken the Serpent within. Tiamat, Tehom, Nahash, Leviathan...

Here we shall experience with full force, the rising manifestation of the Serpent of Genesis through various dark spiritual sources. This is the new magnum opus of the occult project of Corona Barathri recorded together with the Mighty Edgar Kerval [Emme Ya, Colombia], wholeheartedly dedicated to the aspect of Principivm/Leviathan. The Chalice Of Venom [Forbidden Gnosis] is the killing of the human by participle, the awakening of the Evil Principle.
Leviathan is The Eternal King of the Abyss, The Mystery of Leviathan's Awakening through the very temple of the Draconian adept, Samael the Ancient Serpent rises to teach us the ways of the Void Supreme!

From the first track of Corona Barathri "Gvia HaRaal (feat. Emme Ya)" to "Nahash Kadom [SMAL - NHS KDWM]" and specially the 13min 40 sec title song "Misterium Evigilationis Leviathan" features a deep sense of tribal ceremony with basic traditional percussions, clean singed vocals in the beginning and then turn into wild sumerian incantations with demonic screams that lead unto something very raw, primitive yet at the same time so genuine and precise in its manifestation. The guitar work of Ayzen Kaoz add an ecstatic feeling like the song "Mummu Tiamat" featured on Homines Sacerrimi.

In this first part of this Black Draconian Work:
"Usumgal is truly awakening now, the Ziggurat of Tiamat is the sacred spiritual temple of the devotee of Primordial Darkness".

On the second part of the album we have the tremendous and hypnotic work of Edgar Kerval, here we have a full experience of otherworldy trance ritual and serpentine voices calling us to the depths...
Those already familiar with Emme Ya knows how bizarre and indescriptible is the work of Edgar Kerval, the soundscapes evoked forth from "O Tehom, Ars Leviathan" unto "Vxit Nugal Loriol (feat. Corona Barathri)" are more minimalist in the sense that they are based more on repetitive low/bass frequencies and monotonous ritual instruments being played and even beast roarings, which of course remind us the great presence of the Grand Dragon Noir, giving the listeners an easier access to a potent gateway for ecstatic/trance state of consciousness which is why the works of Kerval are so effective and precious.

In the second part of this Black Draconian Work "The Great Serpent truly Rise and Devour the Sun in the West..."
On this Dark Ritual / Ambient work, All songs were written and recorded between May to November of 2017.

Affectvs is still creating among the deepest & darkest soundscapes ever created within this genre. Kein Necro [Sol Mortuus] is responsible for the stunning work of all ritual instruments & mastering, Fosco Culto [Lamia Culta] is still doing with sheer trance & madness the vocals duty, Ayzen Kaoz [Nahemoth] is still performing some amazing guitars works. The Whole work was Mastered at IHF studio by Kein and designed by Noctivagant, finally the Artwork was done once again by Fosco Culto.


released July 6, 2018

Corona Bararthri:
All songs wrote and recorded between May to December of 2017
Affectvs - darkest soundscapes
Kein [Sol Mortuus] - ritual instruments, mastering
Fosco Culto [Lamia Culta] - vocal
Ayzen Kaoz [Nahemoth] - guitar
Mastered at IHF studio by Kein
Artwork by Fosco Culto
Designed by Philip Abraham [Noctivagant]

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Exsecramentum - exsecramentum.com
Luna Atra - lunaatra.org


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Corona Barathri Russia

Occult project Corona Barathri: Ilya Affectvs (Russia)
Since 2016.
The Crown of the Abyss - the union of all Dark souls devoted to the Evil.

"Cor Unum, Essentia Una sumus.
Сunabula Barathri initium nostrum est,
Immensum Barathri finis noster est".

Для покупателей из России и СНГ - чтобы приобрести наши издания, обращаться по адресу: speculumdiaboli@gmail.com
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