Omen Perditionis [from Various Artists - Heresy]

by Corona Barathri



Various Artists [Eight Tower Records] - Heresy


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"We usually think of heresy as something opposed to orthodoxy. Heresy, however, comes from the Greek hairesis, which means choice. Originally it was not used in a derogatory sense, but as a technical term for a philosophical school or the doctrines of a religion. In current usage heresy is a belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted, especially in religion, and more particularly in opposition to the orthodoxy.
The question for us today is: which choice holds the right opinion? Supported by the esoteric philosophy, many heresies claim that all of us have the right and duty to find the truth within ourselves, that we should trust our own intuition to make these choices, and that we need no mediator to bring us in touch with the Divine because we are rays or sparks of it ourselves. As sparks of the Divine we are all part of the greater whole and all connected in countless ways. This should make us realize that there is a place for everyone and for everyone's opinion about the path to our inner being. Differences of opinion do not make anyone heretical or orthodox. The ancient tradition approaches heresy in a completely different way: it holds that there is really only one heresy in life, and that is thinking that one is separate from the universe and everything in it. Considering that each of us has only a part of the truth and that one person's truth is no more authoritative than another's, we should try to avoid seeing our own view as the only correct one. This cannot help but make us more tolerant of our fellow human beings, who value their choices and opinions as much as we value ours".

© - Ina Belderis


released February 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Corona Barathri Russia

Occult project Corona Barathri: Ilya Affectvs (Russia)
Since 2016.
The Crown of the Abyss - the union of all Dark souls devoted to the Evil.

"Cor Unum, Essentia Una sumus.
Сunabula Barathri initium nostrum est,
Immensum Barathri finis noster est".

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