Во Славу Смерти [from the bonus EP, Asmodeus Rising]

by KHASHM & Corona Barathri

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Iron Bonehead Productions: ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/album/khashm-asmodeus-rising

EP: www.youtube.com/watch?v=outse6GpqsY&feature=youtu.be

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present KHASHM's highly anticipated fourth album, Asmodeus Rising, on vinyl LP format with bonus 7" EP. One of black metal's best-kept secrets, KHASHM belong to the inner circle of Russia's True Ingrian Black Metal Death. As such, the sound they've patiently crafted for nearly a decade bears a tangibly gnarly physicality contrasted by an almost-levitational aspect: truly, an alchemical melding of aggression and atmosphere.

Asmodeus Rising is arguably KHASHM's most complete and engrossing work yet. At five songs on the main LP and a bonus 7" featuring two new bonus tracks, the near-50 minutes comprising Asmodeus Rising exhibit a haunting spirit that's at once wholly modern and authentically ancient. Traces of the most orthodox black metal both past and present are taken and twisted into garish 'n' grimy shapes, and often buttressed by medieval organ. The production is full and filthy, never sacrificing the sanguine in its search for cobwebbed clarity. KHASHM even exhibit the sonic nous to tackle fully fledged dark ambient for the main LP's climactic, catacombed end. Asmodeus Rising, indeed...

Full tracklisting

1. Black Rays of Pentagram
2. Obsidian Keys
3. Spiritum Serpentem
4. Ancient Queen
5. Asmodeus Rising

6. Во Славу Смерти
7.The Hidden One


released May 13, 2017
KHASHM & Corona Barathri [Affectvs, Lamia Culta, Kein]



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