Lokes Kall (feat. Níundi, Blòt Heathen)

from Diabolical Path [Part III] by Corona Barathri



lá gaf Lóðurr
ok litu góða

lá gaf Lóðurr
ok litu góða

Giver of blood, bloom and flame: I call You.
He who reside in all: Awaken!

Son of Ymir, drip forth onto our furrowed brow!
I call to He who melts the chains of order and fashions them into His own crown. Whose wisdom and wit is beyond ken and kenning. He, whose laughter can be heard across the crystalline silence of the mind gap.

Awaken unto us! Awaken within us!
lá gaf Lóðurr
ok litu góða

Film of flesh Lóðurr gave
and comely hues.

I call to You with cackling laughter
I call to You with hiss of serpent.
I summon You with blood upon flame
Hail Loke
Hail Loke
Hail Loke

Awakened blood flows like venom, cleansing all it touches...
Enlivened, blooms the poison path in which the serpent resides.
Illuminated by the blackened flame, we thrive in freedom.

Children of Loki, who here wishes to take the serpents venom and turned it into the elixir of howling ecstasy ??
To you, I raise His gift: the blackened flame...
and to you and to you.

Ignite the rune of Kauna. Open your flesh and cauterize the diseased wound , cleansed of xtianity! Sickness unto sickness. Free yourself from mindless stasis and powerless entropy.

Purify yourself in the Thursian well, whose current flows like vril from the primordial black sun and live eternal, enveloped within its rays.

Hail the father of triple monstrosity, instigator and bringer of twilight.
Hail Loki

(с) - Leslie Chepstow


from Diabolical Path [Part III], released July 31, 2020


all rights reserved



Corona Barathri Russia

Occult project Corona Barathri: Ilya Affectvs (Russia)
Since 2016.
The Crown of the Abyss - the union of all Dark souls devoted to the Evil.

"Cor Unum, Essentia Una sumus.
Сunabula Barathri initium nostrum est,
Immensum Barathri finis noster est".

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