Temple Of Ahriya Mainyus [for This Is Darkness - Vol​.​1 Dark Ambient]

by Corona Barathri



This Is Darkness: www.thisisdarkness.com/2017/09/07/presents-vol-1-dark-ambient-compilation/

Compilation: thisisdarkness.bandcamp.com/album/vol-1-dark-ambient

This Is Darkness is very proud to present to you the first of our compilations. This one has been in the works for about 8 months and has been a lengthy but exciting process. We are presenting you with 66 exclusive tracks, coming in at 7+ hours of music. This is a combination of some well known artists and some that are up & coming.


The ‘Nirang-i Aharman Adar Sama’ is inverted Persian prayer, literally, ‘Invocation of the Black Flame of Ahriman’. The inversion of the Nirang’s is a conscious transcendence of the specified explored, ‘norm’ of any monotheistic religion. Symbolizing also divine consciousness and hidden wisdom, the aspects of the Yatus is to encircle and control the darkness within. Yatukan practitioners may reach a primal state of the Ahrimanian by this prayer. Light a Black Candle in your altar room or in a simple place, focus upon it and your desires. Visualize Ahriman as it would appear within and call it with your desire. Recite this in Pahlavi as a type of mantra or hymn, visualizing images while drawing into a deep trance.

kêm-nâ âharman
âharman i hvadâe
âharmanyasnô ahmî âharmanyasnô dregvantem, hãmraêthwa duzhdâ
Xshnaothra âharman, nemase tê âtarsh angrahe mainyêush aka manah, daeva,
angrahe mainyêush
Staômî shaotãn âhreman, pîrôzgar pâk hamaêstar
ba nãm i âharman

(c) - Michael W. Ford "Drauga"

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released September 18, 2017


all rights reserved



Corona Barathri Russia

Occult project Corona Barathri: Ilya Affectvs (Russia)
Since 2016.
The Crown of the Abyss - the union of all Dark souls devoted to the Evil.

"Cor Unum, Essentia Una sumus.
Сunabula Barathri initium nostrum est,
Immensum Barathri finis noster est".

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